Past Events

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The exhibition runs from Saturday 19th March until Saturday 7th

10am - 4pm, Monday - Saturday.

Tristan's photographic gallery starts the season with their usual extraordinary
style. After Man Ray and Bernard Faucon opening previous Easter exhibitions,
this year proves that the Cornish photographers gallery has once again
excelled in bringing the finest of photographic talent to the West Country.
David Montgomery international renowned photographer will be opening
this years exhibition on Saturday 19th March with his photographs taken
especially of the West Country

David Montgomery has spent several years traveling and photographing
the Cornish landscape spending most of his time in Rock and the close
by vicinity.

Being influenced by Joan the Wad (Queen of the Fairies) and Celtic and
Arthurian legend, these photographs try to bring forth or highlight the
reasons that people come to this area and enjoy the simple visual delights
that are in front of them. Wind, rain and sun, all are a part of this
seafaring region, each as important as the other. People returning to
the ritual of being by water – at one with themselves and nature.
The photographs are a reminder of things past and present.

These photographs have been shot on film to utilise the inherent grain
and molecular structure that film possesses. Then it has been lovingly
abused to bring out the rhythms and peculiarities of the movement of
the grain and colour. .

David has shown at the ICA Gallery in London. He has chosen as the main
venue in England for exhibiting his work The Tristan Gallery, as he believes
in Edward Davis as a true visionary.