Past Events

Bill Brandt and Anthony Browell

Bill Brandt's formal and haunting nude studies were first published in Perspectives of Nudes (1981) and are considered today as some of his most innovative work. Using an old wooden plate camera with an ultra-wide-view lens, Brandt defined new territory showing among other things, photography's kinship with sculpture and modernist abstraction.

In conjunction with our Bill Brandt exhibition, we are exhibiting a collection of work by Anthony Browell, for the first time in the U.K. 'Obscura' is a series of black and white photographs produced in 2006, using a home-made, large format, lensless (pinhole) camera. Nothing but a jam-jar lid and a watch. It is photography, in this age of surging technology, reduced to the very basics. The images are produced on paper negatives and film. In these images, Anthony Browell works with the movement of the sea, the wind and the water, as the main compositional element. With long exposures, sometimes up to one minute long, there are literally thousands of images laid over each other on the negative during the exposure.
Uncertainty and the laws of chance play a big part in this thrilling experience: the simplicity of the process and the beauty of the images, reaffirms the view that progress is man's work and wonder is nature's.

Exhibition runs from 15th March - 26th April
Opening 10am - 4pm
Monday to Saturday
Please call for private viewing