Past Events

Terry O'neill Photographic Exhibition

The work of photographer Terry O'Neill has graced the pages of magazines and newspapers around the world for more than 40 years and such is his reputation that a selection of his photographs are on permanent display at the National Portrait Gallery in London.

From the start of the 1960s and continuing until the present day the name of Terry O'Neill has become inextricably connected with some of the most interesting takes on photographic portraits of celebrities.

From the Beatles and Rolling Stones in the 1960s, to the Royal Family and the Prime Minister's family in more recent times, Terry O'Neill has proved adept at recording the significant subjects of the day in a visually stimulating and sometimes unexpected way, in doing so has captured an illuminated history of our age.

The exhibition will feature limited edition fine art photographic prints of some of Terry O'Neill's most iconic images of celebrities from stage, screen and the world of pop music.