Eliot Siegel

Eliot Siegel was born in New York City. He studied Fine Arts and Communication at Southern Illinois University near Chicago. At the age of 14, Eliot new photography was in his future. He moved between Milan and Paris, New York and Nice as a fashion photographer, before more or less settling in London. He has shot art throughout his travels and this is evident by the varied locations in his exhibitions. Urban landscapes have always been a preoccupation for Siegel as his travel has mainly found him in big cities. He carries his Compact Contax T2, which gives him the appearance of a tourist, harmless, but on a mission. He plays on the mix-up of mainstream advertising and how it fits into the urban landscape. He feels that often the sexual and psychological conditioning of a country can be found on the billboards next to the Cathedral or in the Tube. Certainly this is true of the shop windows of the greatest stores in the world. It would seem obvious that those involved with creating these windows are eroticising the business of selling clothes; perhaps the only way to pull the clients, so to speak however, Siegel finds the world a humorous, sexy and imaginative place to live.

Our gallery holds Siegel's complete portfolio including eroticism and powerful images of urban landscape.