Jack Eden

The Surfing Sixties... the decade when Australia came of age on the waves. The decade of surfing revolution and evolution including "Midget" Farrelly, Nat Young and other surfing legends to be, the long board, the 'brothelkeepers', James Deam lookalikes, nose riders and hot doggers... and a thousand other memories.

These 'blasts' from the past are back in a first ever sale of original silver gelatin prints.

The collection is by pioneering surfing photographer Jack Eden, who is a veteran surfer and publisher of one of Australia's first surfing magazines, Surfabout.

Jack Eden was there capturing the people, the icons and the events of our colourful surfing heritage for future generations. His photographs include surfing legends, such as Bobby Brown, Ted Spencer, Kevin 'the Head' Brennan, Mike Doyle and Joey Cabell. Among the events featured are the Australian Championships of 1968 and the 1st World Titles, set in Long Reef, Bondi Beach, Manly and Maroubra.

Jack Eden was Australia's most eminent 60's surf photographer who brilliantly captured the characters and events that made the era so special. All prints are silver gelatin prints printed by Jack Eden with techniques gained from Ansel Adams.